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If you're new to this site or the idea of creative thinking, start with Discovery Words for an experience that's playful and engaging.

Discovery Words - a catalyst for possibilities

Discovery Words is a true catalyst that will stir your possibilities. It's so simple, fun and effective. Through word associations, this exercise can develop your self-awareness and help you connect to your creative energy without self-consciousness or inhibition.

Creative flow and personal energy come from the same core space within you. But opening up to your intuitiveness and freely expressing it can be tricky, especially if you're not accustomed to it. The hardest part however, may be avoiding your own judgemental mind which will often block, derail or otherwise suppress your own unique creative flow.

Use this exercise often, discover what's inside you and let it surge!

Discovery Questions - fosters clarity through provocative questions

Try challenging your thoughts, beliefs, ideas... yourself.
          Got something on your mind that you just can't let go of?

By capturing our thoughts in writing and probing them in a non-threatening way with provocative questions, we can draw special meaning out of them, fostering a greater clarity within ourselves that supports personal growth. In addition, this type of activity gives noisy thoughts permission to quiet down. Freeing the mind from its unnecessary clutter allows us to begin to communicate with a sense of personal wisdom and purpose.

Discovery Questions is both a creative outlet to explore the countless thoughts, feelings, and responses to events, people, and life's situations that constantly buzz in and out of our minds.

Reflecting on the writings you create in this exercise
          will help you become aware of not just what you do,
                    but why you do what you do.

Discovery Affirmations - the "I am. . ." piece.

How do you want to be?
          Are you able to see and feel your self living your dream?

Changing your thoughts can change your life! Affirmations, a type of positive self-talk, are a useful tool to use on a daily basis. Specifically, an affirmation is a positive phrase or assertion you create for yourself that states exactly how you want to be. The wording is important and needs to be stated as if you are already there or on the way.

By exposing yourself to an affirmation over and over again, you can begin to internalize the message and create a new reality for yourself. Thoughts create beliefs, beliefs create actions, and actions create reality.

What are you thinking and saying to yourself?

Our inner-self only knows what is now. If we are talking negatively to ourselves, then our actions will follow through to back it up. Any statement that we repeat over and over, emotionaliziing its meaning, will act as a magnet in our life.

We can change for the better by using positive affirmations. For example, "I am a confident public speaker" is a better thought than "I can't speak in front of a crowd". Pay attention to your thoughts and the words that run through your head. Be aware, listen to yourself talk and make changes where you need to.

Discovery Affirmations puts to use your creative thinking to replace your limiting statements with those of personal power. Do your stories, about your life and who you are - empower you or negatively drain you? How can you re-word your story?. Discover the new you!

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