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As a self coaching tool, Discovery Questions exercises offer you a new beginning. Because we are constantly experiencing life, growing and changing, the depths to which self-discovery can reach are infinite.

Currently on this site, there are three creativity exercises that build and enhance your intuitive writing skills. They are:

Discovery Words encourages the flow of creative thinking, brainstorming, and personal energy through intuitive expression.
Discovery Questions allows for the opportunity to focus specifically on one of your life's uncertainties and work towards possibilities through provocative questions.
Discovery Affirmations develops personal power, positive thinking, and strengthens purpose by the writing and repeating of a positive statement.

Each exercise (approximately 10 -15 minutes long) takes you through five simple steps that can open up your world to new possibilities and profound change in your life. The steps guide you through a self-directed experience that draws on your own intuition to create a reflection of your inner-self. This reflection, once acknowledged will develop and strengthen your person power and connection. Your confidence will soar.

The four simple steps are:

  1. Relax. Do this by breathing deep and slow. Clear the chatter from your mind until it is quiet. (we strongly suggest using guided expansion meditation for a deeper experience)
  2. Intuitively select symbolic prompt(s) that produce trigger words or questions.
  3. Begin to write without any judgments, thought or analyzing. (Often our gut reaction is to reject the word or question, but push through the mental block and just start writing anyways! our guided Connection Meditation* will help here too.)
  4. Wrap-up. After you have started writing, several suggestions are presented for concluding your exercise. Suggestions range from simply saving a copy of your work (the site does this for you).

*There are two guided meditations accompanying each exercise: Expansion Meditation to prepare an open mind and Connection Meditation to help you link to your intuitive self. If you are new at mediation practices, the audio will really help. Use of both meditations is highly encouraged.

Enjoy this time with yourself and remember to Practice - Practice - Practice.

An important part of developing your creative self is to practice. Using these exercises on a regular basis will help cultivate your natural intuition, writing skills and creative ability.

The Discovery Questions site is designed to help connect you to your intuitive self and to help you with your life decisions. Think of this as an inner coach that taps into your creative self. Our Discovery exercises, along with the short meditations and your intuitive writing, will stir new and often wonderful possibilities for you.

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